Concorso internazionale 2010
Committente: Comune di Maribor, Slowenia
Area: 19 ha

Maribor is characterized by the smoothly flowing Drava river and the red-tiled houses of the old town along the riverbank.

Floating lines define the new riverside promenades and form spaces between and along them. Spaces and areas of different sizes and levels allow a variety of uses. The constantly felt flow of the river always accompanies activities at the riverbanks.

3 links to the city: The two large open spaces of Market Place and Terrace-Park confine the old town of Maribor on both western and eastern side. Additionally Lent-Square as an important connection to the old city interrupts the line of the river promenade.

action spaces: Motion and rest on the new promenades are controlled by the floating lines. They lead as guiding elements the flows of movement without the necessity of additional barriers or other guiding elements.